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Furniture production

/Furniture production

    Solid modeling software CAD 3D for mechanical designers and engineers.

    Price: 2,650.0 exc. tax Price: 3,259.5 incl. tax
  • KD Max

    Professional program for designing kitchens, kitchen furniture and cabinets.

    Price: 1,200.0 exc. tax Price: 1,476.0 incl. tax
  • GstarCAD – USB Dongle

    USB dongle allows you run GstarCAD on any computer.

    Price: 60.0 exc. tax Price: 73.8 incl. tax
  • TonCut

    This program allows cutting optimization. TonCut allows cutting of flat materials like:…

    Price: 109.0 exc. tax Price: 134.1 incl. tax
  • Module Max Cutting

    KD Max module enables fast and intuitive cutting of all cabinets.

    Price: 160.0 exc. tax Price: 196.8 incl. tax
  • Panoramy 360°

    Sales support system that allows for an interactive presentation to the client…

    Price: 200.0 exc. tax Price: 246.0 incl. tax
  • iScan

    Tool for retail outlets allowing to presentation of the full range of…

    Price: 650.0 exc. tax Price: 799.5 incl. tax
  • Rhinoceros

    Program designed for the design and modeling of 3D objects.

    Price: 1,050.0 exc. tax Price: 1,291.5 incl. tax